The Dreamer:

"La Retrouvailles"
"Last Dream"
"A Son of the King"
"Evan Walsh"
"The King of Coney Isle"
"Decorated with Flowers"
"Hide and Seek"
"Lap of Luxury"
"City Girl"
"Tea Party"
"Maxwell Runko"
"Self Portrait"
"Prima Facie"
"Marissa and Maxwell"
 "Rich and Bored"
"Head in the Clouds"
"Self Expression"
"Between Here and Heaven"
"If the World Turned Sideways"
"Orphan Bird"
"Philosophy and Air"
"Girl in White"
"Western Winds"
"Self -Portrait"
"The Rapture"
"The Illusionist"
"Green Pastures"
"Lady in Flowers"
"The Hat Farmer"
"Jet Plane"
"We are the Chosen Creed"
"The End"
"Removing the Youth"
"Sleeping Sickness"

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